About TPCS:

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Turners Powder Coating  Service Limited  

We have 40 years experience as of 2021.

My name is Steve Turner. I worked at Dymag wheels for 27 years starting out as the tea boy and went up thru the company to General / Production Manager. During this time I gained 27 years worth of experience in Magnesium and alloy car and bike wheels. Refurbing, treating, shot blasting, crack checking, powder coating, bike wheel assembly and more.

Since this service for magnesium wheels is a specialist area, I therefore,  decided to start up my own business in 2010 as there are VERY few magnesium wheel specialist in England.  I also refurbish alloy wheels, steel wheels, all associated parts (car & bike). Anything metal can be powdercoated.

In time, I will add more colours available to paint wheels and other items. Have a look in the gallery for a few examples of previous work I have done in this field.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will come back in future.



Steve and Sandy Turner