TPCS LTD Magnesium Refurbishing

                                                                             OUR DO'S AND DON'TS

                                         All items sent to TPCS LTD is at the owners risk not TPCS LTD 

                                          We are not responsible for damaged items during transit. We do not offer warranties or          


           *** NOTE: All payments made outside of the UK,  will incur a transfer of funds fee which will be added to your invoice. Any other payments made by anyone that incur a charge will invoiced  for that amount. *** 

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1- We DO aim to ensure every customer is happy with the finished product. We Do reuse packaging to help the environment, so please ensure your items are packed well. We Do offer the maximum of £250.00 insurance cover on returning items. If you require more, then you MUST let us know how much you require in order to return your items safely.


2- We DO NOT fill, or prep items for a smooth finish before painting.  If this is required:  The customer, can send any wheels or parts to us for stripping, blasting, chromate if needed and a primer coating. The customer must go onto the website before any work is carried out and send the disclaimer form on the Terms & conditions page!  The customer, must then arrange to have them filled and rubbed down to a smooth finish at your cost.  This includes, especially, high end road cars (ie) Ferrari, Porsche, Lambourghini, Mclaren, Audi etc. etc. On return of finished wheels or parts, it is up to the customer, to insure, at your value and cost of your items for return shipping . Clear instructions MUST be sent via email to the process as above.

If you, the customer, agree for the process, without the above detail being done, you MUST sign a disclaimer ( on query form) or work will not be carried out and return carriage will be charged to the customer which must be paid before returning to you. As the above process eliminates most or all pitting and worming etc. which we DO NOT offer. 

We will not remove tyres this must be done before arrival to TPCS LTD. Unless otherwise agreed.

We DO NOT remove SPLINES OR CHROME CENTRES as damage can easily occur. These must be removed before arriving at TPCS LTD or they will be refused and sent back at the customers cost.

We do not supply boxes for items dropped off for a return through a carrier. This is the customers responsibility to supply them, as we re-use boxes customer send to help the environment. We do not stock boxes. 

Ensure that you degrease and clean all items as best as you can. This will save time on our end, enabling a faster service.


3- We DO NOT powder coat anything larger than 1.3 metres wide x 1 metre long x .5 metre deep.

We DO NOT powder coat wheels over 20" in diameter.


4- We DO give you the best finish possible as we only refurbish items. We DO NOT repair items.


5- FAQ: No we DO NOT powder coat, wood, plastic etc. We DO powder coat anything metal only.


6- We DO NOT remove tyres . We remove motorcycle wheel bearings at a small fee. If new bearings are sent, we DO fit the new ones at a small fee. The old ones will be returned to the customer. All other types of bearings need removed (ie) casings, hubs etc.


7- Be aware as we DO NOT KNOW what is underneath the paint before stripping. Your wheels may look smooth on arrival but they can have cracks, filler, corrosion, worming or pitting under the paint. If they have these problems after stripping we will contact you before proceeding. We can refurb pitted or wormed wheels, using the usual process but paint with a primer so you can then have them filled and rubbed back etc (very careful not to go through the primer and rubbing off the chromate coating) and 2 pack painted by a wet paint sprayer or returned to us after the process to be powder coated.  You must fill in the disclaimer form on the website if this is done. This is in the terms and conditions section.


8- We will NOT DO any engine parts or frames etc, that have not been degreased. They will be returned to the customer at their cost. Items must be degreased as best as possible by the customer. Frames, cam covers, forks etc. etc. Cam covers must not have a shield in them when they arrive here. They must be removed.


9- We DO reserve the right after 21 days of funds not clearing or not received, to sell the item/s on to recover our costs. 


10-We DO charge after 14 days a fee of £10.00 per day on storage if your items are not collected. We are a small company, so require all the room we have. This is waived only if agreed by prior arrangement.


11- We do not arrange collection for EU customers when items are delivered to us or ready for return to customer. This is the customers responsibility, this will keep your costs down and to make the transition a lot easier for both sides. Since Brexit, all customers outside of England including Ireland, it is your responsibility to book delivery to us and collection back to yourself when items are finished. See terms and conditions. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________